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Shareholding information about any private company registered in Indonesia

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Get first party data directly from the Indonesian Company Registry

Know who you do business with. Every report contains the latest data from the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

Status of the company

Find out whether the company exists and is active.

Company type and classification (KBLI)
Legal entity type and purpose. Shows you in which industries can the company operate in.
Date of last deed
The date of last revisions to the Deed of Establishment.
Registered address
The domicile where the company is registered in and who is the notary that managed the changes.
An example of a company status report in Indonesia

Capital table

Complete list of company's shareholders, directors and commissioners.

Size of capital
The amount of both authorized and issued capital. Number of shares and price per share.
List of shareholders
A list of company's shareholders and how many shares each of them owns.
Directors and commissioners
List of company's directors and commissioners and whether they own shares in the company.
Indonesia company search gives you complete list of shareholders

Extended history of the company

If you need more than the current status of the company, the extended report gives you an overview of every change to the company's Deed throughout its history.

Every change to deed
The report gives you the entire list of changes done to the company's Deed.
Every change to company capital table
Get a detailed timeline of any change to company's ownership.
An example of a company status report in Indonesia